Today is the first day of the new fishing season, and Troy Kincaid with the Weyburn Wildlife Federation said for him today is like Christmas as they've waited just over a month to get back at it.

"So the season closes here March 31st, and then it opens on May 5th, and that's that's actually due to the spawning of the fish, they want to let them go and have their babies and that sort of stuff." 

Kincaid said, as an avid fisherman, he has his HAL account automated to renew his fishing license every year. 

"My dad got us into fishing so him and my brother and me, we usually head out, and I've got friends, too, that I kind of hit the water with quite frequently, and yeah, it'll be good to get the boat out there, that's for sure." 

He noted that, at this time of year, it's wise to be cautious out on the water.

"You don't know what's floating in the water, like stuff coming down the river tree stumps, there might be the odd ice ice blocks still out there, so it's best this time of year to take caution for sure," he explained. "Then they've got the dam open at Nickle Lake. The river is flowing, so it's bringing a bunch of stuff in, but for the most part it's it's pretty good, as long as you know where you're going and keep an eye out."

The WWF is preparing to host their Walleye Classic fishing tournament on June 4th. Registration is open now. Find more details HERE.

Happy fishing!