Harvest has begun in Southeast Saskatchewan and that means that Grain Rush powered by Great Plains Ford is back for another year! 

We will be heading out into the fields this harvest season armed with some delicious KFC to help out some hungry farmers! 

Want to win a delicious harvest meal? You can enter yourself and your crew to win here and we could be bringing you some food just like we did Janelle Campbell.

Janelle is an organic farmer and admits that harvest hasn't started for them yet but that doesn't mean there isn't a lot of work going into the fields ahead of harvest time. 

"We'll be a little late because of the weeds," said Janelle. "We usually swath it and then you let them sit for a little while and then you combine."

It's not often a woman decides to farm solo, we asked Janelle why she chose farming as her career.

"I grew up on the farm, Dad had the cattle and I was here and his health kind of got bad and I just stepped up to the plate."

That was 20 years ago and Janelle is still going strong, besides being an organic grain farmer Janelle cattle farms raising Charolais.  Sadly her father Blaire passed away in May 2022.

Janelle also noted that she hadn't personally entered into Grain Rush so someone must have nominated her.

"It wasn't me," she laughed. "I wonder who entered me?"

Margaret Steffensen let us in on the secret, "I was her dad's partner for 14 years, he passed, and I always used to come out here and help and it's continued on over the years."

Janelle and her team were treated to lunch thanks to KFC and today's sponsors, Weyburn Livestock Exchange and UFA. 

We'll be back out tomorrow with another harvest delivery. See you then! 

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