We ventured out to the Lund Farm to bring them some hard-earned KFC for Grain Rush!

Getting there was an experience all on its own, as we definitely got very lost and ended up being found by Stacey Lund himself! It was a great experience once we finally found the farm, as they have a big friendly crew.

"I farm with my dad Peter and my brother Travis, and we've got a few other guys on the crew," Lund said.

Harvest is moving along nicely but is quite busy so far.

"We've got some peas off and some winter wheat and barley, we're going to start durum today. It's a good year we had quite a bit of grasshopper pressure but the crop is a little above average so we are happy." 

The farm is a fairly large one, and it's been around for generations.

"The farm started in about 1905 so we are the fourth generation, going on fifth. I've got nephews that farm and I've got a couple of kids that help out too. Five boys so hopefully a couple of them farm." 

The Lunds are not only grain farmers, but they dabble in cattle as well. When asked about what Lund prefers working with, he didn't hesitate.

"I probably prefer cattle."

The Lunds have a beautiful farm with some really great people all working together to make it work. 

Thank you kindly for having us out! Special thanks to the sponsors of the meal Elite Ag Services, and Dustin Duncan MLA.