This past Sunday, March 5th, the Weyburn Wildlife Federation held their second annual ice fishing derby at Mainprize Regional Park. 

Troy Kincaid with the WWF said they had a great day out on the water. "A little cold and windy at times, but overall not too bad of a day. We had 104 anglers participate, with 23 of those being youth."

Kincaid explained that they had a few fish caught, but "it was a little slower than we'd like, but that could be due to the weather." 

Favorably, they had all three species caught at the derby. "The biggest pike in the adult category was caught by Brendon Fisher with a weight of three pounds, 3.4 ounces," Kincaid shared, "The biggest walleye was caught by Jeremy L'Heureux, with a weight of 10.5 ounces, and the biggest perch of the day was from Murray Scott, with a weight of 13.8 ounces."  

He explained that even though the youth didn't catch any fish, they still raffled off the prizes they had for the kids, by drawing out of a hat.

Kincaid added that he'd like to thank the volunteers and everybody that sponsored the event and made it a success, as well as everyone that came out.

There will be a summer fishing tournament on June 17th at Mainprize Regional Park. It will be for teams of three if there are 15 year-olds or under on the team, or teams of two if they are two adults.

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