The Weyburn Salvation Army’s summer lunch program for kids made its return this week. The organization, thanks to help from sponsors and volunteers, prepares a hundred (sometimes more) lunches every weekday for kids from throughout the community. The truck has been set up at St. Mike’s School on 13th Street to start the summer.  

“They’ve been great”, said Nicole Strickland with the Salvation Army when asked about how the first two days went. “We’ve had a good number of children show up both days.” 

The response from the children has also been good, Strickland noted. The location has allowed some of the kids to grab their lunch and then go off to play on the play structures at the school, while others have crossed the street and enjoyed a picnic with friends.  

“We had a few that came from last year that are coming again this year, and they were telling me how excited they were that it started again, and how every morning they wake up wondering ‘ok, what’s in my lunch today?’, so that’s a nice feeling,” Strickland added.  

Sponsorship is a crucial factor for the program, and the community has stepped up in recent weeks. Strickland explained nearly all of the days are spoken for, with just a few days of the lunch program needing sponsorship now.  

The Summer Lunch Program is held on weekdays from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., or until they have handed out all of the lunches prepared for the day.