The Weyburn Salvation Army switched to a grocery store system at its food bank about a month ago.  

The grocery-style shopping has allowed food bank users to choose what they want instead of receiving items they might not use. 

“Our clients come in and they come into our food bank and they shop for themselves,” said Shannon Fodchuk, Community Ministry Worker with the Salvation Army. “It's working out amazing because everybody is getting what they need and what they'll use instead of us just giving them things that sometimes they can't eat or don't know how to cook.”   

Fodchuk added another benefit to this new system is waste reduction.  

The demand for items from the foodbank has been increasing on a weekly basis, according to Fodchuk.  

“We've had a full schedule for all of July, so it is increasing a lot.”   

Some items they currently need are canned meats, Kraft Dinner, peanut butter, canned fruit, canned vegetables, and plain pasta. 

The best time to drop off donations is between 9:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Tuesday to Friday.