While no wrecking ball has started to demolish the former beloved elementary school, it would appear that preparations are underway for just that to take place sometime in the near future.

"Haig is a landmark in Weyburn, and served for a long time," commented MLA for Weyburn-Big Muddy, Dustin Duncan. 

Haig School, along with Souris School, and Queen Elizabeth School, were all closed down at the end of the school year last June, as the students all now attend Legacy Park Elementary School, which is adjacent to the Weyburn Credit Union Spark Centre, in the location of the former Weyburn Junior High School.

"Between Souris School, Haig School, and Queen Elizabeth II School, I think it was a combined 276 years or something like that of service to the people of Weyburn in terms of the education of our kids over 100 years of being in existence as a community. It's a landmark, but obviously, it's seen better days, and it's served its purpose."

Duncan said he is, "certainly excited to see what's going to be next, in terms of that land in that area and what it's going to be used for going forward in the future."

"I think it is bittersweet anytime a new school opens, like Legacy Park Elementary school, knowing that does mean the closure of other schools. There's always the potential that those schools will be demolished. Certainly bittersweet to see another one of our historic buildings and historic schools, that's going to be coming down."

He pointed out that the SECPSD did have the building up for sale since 2021. 

"Obviously when you're talking about a building that's over 100 years old that literally still had the old separate boys and girls entrances at the front, right into the stone, I think there was, probably, low expectations that there would actually, be somebody that would be interested in it, and first and foremost, have a use for the building, and then the funds that would need to to go into repairing it."

Duncan said while it isn't a surprise, it's still the memories in the minds and hearts of the former students that really matter now.

"I think it's more important what happens in the school and the memories that are made in the school, and the learning that takes place in the school, and the friendships and the important life lessons and less so on, than the actual building that it's taking place in."

We have reached out to the Southeast Cornerstone Public School division for comments. 

bye haig