Southeast Saskatchewan producers are busy harvesting, starting fall field work, hauling bales, cleaning corrals, and moving cattle to stubble fields.  

According to the latest crop report from the Ministry of Agriculture, the region has 74 percent of its crop in the bin, up from 65 percent last week. This is behind the five-year average of 82 percent. 

Harvest was delayed in some areas by small showers and high humidity. Most areas received less than 10 millimetres of rain, and the Weyburn area had five millimetres.  

Cropland topsoil moisture is rated as two percent surplus, 61 percent adequate, 31 percent short, and six percent very short. Hay and pasture land topsoil moisture is rated as two percent surplus, 54 percent adequate, 37 percent short, and seven percent very short.  

Producers hope the weather remains favourable in the coming weeks to allow harvest to be completed soon. The region could use more rain once harvest is completed.   

Some producers are dealing with green heads in their durum crops and green stems in their canola, making passing plant material through the combine difficult.   

Most crop damage last week was due to strong winds and wildlife.