Heritage Village will be richly rewarded for its shock and awe, thrills only just such a place can invoke in local residents.

The City of Weyburn was presented with a donation on Wednesday from the organizer of Mayhem Manor for their recent use of Weyburn and Area Heritage Village.

The $8,000 contribution was part of the funds raised from the first-ever 'The Haunting of Heritage Hill,' a haunted house event held from October 28th to 31st at Heritage Village, hosted by Ernie Parisien and his Mayhem Manor volunteers.

"My overall experience was better than I expected," said Parisien. "From the use of Heritage Village to all the new and returning volunteers that all stepped up to come act or help in other forms. The experience was wonderful and fulfilling!"

Around 750 people went through the haunted house tour. The City had 21 volunteers which helped with safety and directing attendees. Weyburn Police Service members were also at the event as security support.

"The Parks and Leisure department is incredibly thankful to Ernie for his generous donation," said Ryan Dale, leisure services manager for the City of Weyburn. "This event was a great opportunity to showcase Weyburn and Area Heritage Village in a new way and to so many new people who have never visited the village before."

Members of the Weyburn and Area Heritage Village Board were also in attendance at the cheque presentation.

The City will use the money towards Weyburn and Area Heritage Village budgetary priorities.