Winters in Southeast Saskatchewan can be incredibly fun for families and children. You just have to find ways to entertain yourself while staying warm.

Luckily the City of Weyburn has everything you need for a great family outing in the current bitter cold temperatures.

"So we have 15 pairs of snowshoes here that you can borrow," told Tina Clay, Aquatics Manager for the City of Weyburn. "We do require a deposit. It's $35 for each pair that you borrow. You just have to call the pool and set up a time to come in and find a pair that works for you. You can borrow them that day but then you have to also bring them back that same day. So we do just ask that you call ahead of time so that we can line up a time that kind of fits between our public swims and that sort of stuff. Because our doors are still closed so you do have to call and just make sure that it's at a quieter time."

An application form is to be completed and a rental deposit is required (refunded upon return of equipment).

"They can borrow them and it doesn't cost anything. We just require that damage deposit," Clay explained. "We do still lend out cross country skis as well. Our skis are only for children and youth. We've got the skis, the poles, and the boots. To rent out cross-country skis though it is $50 per package and we do just ask that you call ahead of time. We'll need to get your height, weight, and shoe size so that we can have things ready for you when you come in to borrow them. We have had the skis for a while too. I think for as long as we've had the snowshoes. But some years they don't even get lent out because we haven't had much snow or it's just a very short time that you can use them."

Snowshoes and skis/poles are available for rent at the Weyburn Leisure Centre. Which is located at 532 5th Street NE in Weyburn. You can reach them by phone at: (306) 848-3280

You can visit the City of Weyburn website here to find more information.

After you borrow your snowshoes or skis you can head over to the nicely groomed trails throughout Jubilee Park and River Park. The route is changed regularly to add variety. Ski trails are groomed regularly throughout the winter when weather permits.

The starting point for the Jubilee Park trail is from the west parking lot off 5th St., and the beginning of the River Park trail is from Confederation Drive near the spray park and playground.

Photo of Melinda Mintenko with her son Lexington enjoying the Weyburn Leisure Centre's snowshoes recently. (Submitted by Richard Roy)