This weekend will see temperatures not seen in Weyburn and the area since last summer. The forecast high for tomorrow is 34°, with the humidex expected to make it feel like 39. When temperatures get hot like this, with humidity, people often expect thunderstorms to come with it.  

Terri Lang is a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada. She explained that there is a good possibility of thunderstorms over the course of the weekend, with that possibility increasing as the weekend goes on. She noted it isn’t much of a chance of a severe storm tonight. 

“They’ll start to get better after Saturday afternoon, so maybe late evening, overnight into Sunday,” Lang stated. 

The high temperatures are also something that people will want to pay attention to, with Lang expecting extreme heat warnings to be issued for the southeast part of the province. Warnings are already in effect for parts of southwestern Saskatchewan. 

“We are forecasting a high in the mid-thirties, which we have yet to hit so far this season, plus those humidex values are going to be quite high, pushing that 40-degree mark and of course, we’re not acclimatized to the heat quite yet.” 

With the heat, Lang reminds people to stay hydrated, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, be mindful of the UV index, and to seek shade and cool areas whenever possible.