The heat wave that is wrapping itself around much of Saskatchewan is set to continue through the day today, as temperatures are expected to reach the mid-thirties.

That's starting off September, with students potentially being glad to be in school with air-conditioned classrooms, with more warm days expected over the weekend, along with a short break in between.

Not everyone in Saskatchewan might even be under Environment Canada's warning, even if they'll be subjected to a good bit of heat today.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Danielle Desjardin explains that when they look at putting out the warning, there are multiple factors to consider.

"The way we issue heat warnings is based on daytime highs and overnight lows. so there are some areas where the overnight lows will be too cold for a heat warning. Depending on where you are, if the overnight lows are dipping below the threshold you may not see under the heat warning, however, the daytime highs will still technically reach our criteria."

Even though those areas will be free of the warning, Desjardin advises people to watch temperatures as temperatures may still be high in those areas.

There will be some relief felt on Friday, as temperatures drop back to the mid-twenties.

With that cooler air moving in, there is however a possibility of storms just before the weekend starts.

"With that cold front there is a very small chance of thunderstorms, however, the moisture is a little bit lacking so that risk remains quite low. There is nothing in the forecast at the moment," said Desjardins, "However, that could change based on whether or not that risk increases."

Once we're through all that anyone looking to take advantage of a cooler weekend will be disappointed, as the relief is expected to be short-lived.

"Beyond that, it looks like a return to the thirty-degree weather, quite a fast turnaround," said Desjardins, "For Saturday and the weekend, we're looking at a return to the low-to-mid thirties."

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