With the drop in temperatures, the cat intake freeze at the Weyburn Humane Society's animal shelter has some wondering what to do to help the strays.

Shelter Manager Colleen Morrice has some suggestions for those who can't get the cats inside, either because they can't be caught, or there is no option for taking them indoors.

"You can definitely keep it alive if you can bring it in, of course that is best, or if you have a garage that you could keep it in, or a shed that you could make sure it has some straw in there or something for them," she suggested. "The straw they burrow themselves in, and then they won't be getting their ears frozen and stuff like that."

However, Morrice said the best option is to get them inside.

"I know that's not always possible, but if you can find something that they can go in to stay warm under the storms, that would be great as well. It's getting that cover on them, right? So they don't get wet from the snow and the sleet."

binsPhoto of an example of feral cat bins courtesy of Naomi Happy, board member with the WHS.

Another option for those limited for space is to put hay directly into a Rubbermaid bin with a hole cut in it for the cats to get into and out of to keep warm.

cat coldIf you're cold, they're cold, but if they can't come indoors, there are ways you can help. 

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