The month of December will bring us all together for celebrations and parties in abundance. In anticipation of an increased number of motorists on the road, and an increased number of residents indulging in the Christmas spirit, the Weyburn Police Service shared an important reminder ahead of the Holidays. Deputy Police Chief Brent VanDeSype shared some valuable advice.

"With the festive season fast approaching the Weyburn Police Service would like to remind all drivers to plan a safe ride home," said VanDeSype. "Wherever you're going, if you plan on celebrating in any way that would affect your ability to operate a motor vehicle safely, make the right choice and give the keys to a sober driver."

"It's supposed to be a time of joy. We'd like to keep it that way and make sure that everyone gets home safe."

 Impaired driving puts everyone on the road in danger. Families, loved ones, our friends and neighbors will all be travelling in higher frequency over the next few weeks, and everyone deserves to arrive safely. Deputy Chief VanDeSype reiterates:

"It's cold out so less people will want to walk and will be more inclined to drive, even while impaired. It's very important to plan ahead for a safe ride home."

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