The School Community Council at Saint Michael School in Weyburn will be holding a barbecue tonight for students, parents, teachers and staff. The event will also give the students a chance to bring their book bags and all their school supplies to their classrooms and get acquainted with their new classmates prior to the first day of school.

"We have spent a significant time and in our startup of our school year looking at strategies and ways to engage our families. The reality is, coming out of COVID, families and others haven't really accessed the school much in the last couple of years," shared Director Of Education for the Holy Family Roman Catholic Separate School Division, Gwen Keith.

"So, how to begin to look at this bright shining year in a way that parents and staff wrap around our students, is a big deal, and the more there can be a really strong positive relationship, everybody thrives," she said.

Keith said teachers have been looking at what engagement looks like for them, and what are their best practices, and how they can learn from previous years, to come up with a sustainable way of working with with parents.