Georgia Hanwell has been appointed as the new Chief Financial Officer of the Holy Family Roman Catholic Separate School Division.  

Hanwell joined the school division back in March as the acting CFO, and assumed the CFO position on October 1st, 2022.  

“The role will be the same as what I've been doing for those past months,” Hanwell said. “Right now, I'm in the middle of getting ready for the audit to be completed, so it's very busy. I'm looking after the financial oversight and making sure things are coded to the right place and expenses are coded correctly and all those types of things.”   

Hanwell has a Certified General Accounting designation and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Regina. She has been working with Saskatchewan school divisions and other educational organizations since 2004. 

She retired from Prairie South School Division in 2015, worked a short-term contract, set up her own business and contracted herself out to school divisions, and then work for the Saskatchewan School Boards Association while someone was on maternity leave.  

“I've worked with a few school divisions in the last four or five years, and I've really enjoyed learning the process because of course school divisions are all the same, but all very different in how they process information.”   

Hanwell previously lived in Weyburn and is excited to reacquaint herself with the community. 

“We moved here in 1975 because my husband was transferred very soon after we got married. This is where I started out, so this may be where I end my career,” she said. “When I started in March, I was taken by the friendliness and openness of the staff members. Of course, there are a lot of things that I feel like I help with and I feel that they are very helpful to me in learning the position, so it's it just felt like a great fit.”   

She added that the people in Weyburn are very friendly, and the staff at Holy Family Roman Catholic Separate School Division are amazing. 

Georgia HanwellGeorgia Hanwell (Submitted by Holy Family RCSSD)