A former Estevan and Weyburn resident is planning for a day of quiet reflection this Remembrance Day.

Todd Weber served in eight tours that took him around the globe over nearly three decades of military service.

“I was in the Gulf War. I was in Croatia. I have three tours of Bosnia, a tour of Cyprus and the two tours of Afghanistan” he said. 

Being in the military has had a lasting impact on Weber and he said that his time in the military gave him great pride in himself, the people he worked with, and the country.  

“The military just teaches you how to be a better person.” 

Weber grew up in Saskatchewan where his father was a police officer and ex-military and his older brother was in the military, so it seemed natural to enlist.  

He said he didn't think there was a more respectable job than that, and as a bonus he got to travel the world.  

“I was a warrant officer when I retired, and I was in an infantry platoon in Petawawa, Ontario from the Royal Canadian Regiment.” 

He notes that Remembrance Day means different things to everyone but encourages people to take their families to the ceremonies, and then go to a legion afterward and talk to local veterans and listen to their stories. 

Now enjoying retirement in New Brunswick, Weber uses Remembrance Day as a time of quiet reflection. 

“I attend the parade, but I like to be alone, and think about all the soldiers, airmen and sailors throughout history that have died for this country, fought for this country and are still fighting for this country.” 

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