The 41st Annual Weyburn Communithon will be held at the Weyburn Legion on October 28th, 2022. This year's televised show will be fully live, with no pre-recorded performances, and, much to the delight of many, school children will also be returning to the stage.

The event is a fundraiser, and the finance committee has made it easier than ever to contribute.

For those who would prefer to simply watch the entire event on television on the big day, and want to ensure their donation is taken care of in advance, the HUBS are set up once again this year at the Bank of Montreal, Scotiabank and the Weyburn Credit Union. 

"You can leave a cash or check donation there and check donations need to be made out to the United Way of Regina," said Communithon Committee Chair, Korryn Kubashek. 

The hubs are open from now until October 26th.

Another option is available for those who don't want to go into the Legion but don't mind making the drive downtown during the event.

"You can just drive up to the front door and honk, and someone will come out to your car, grab your donations, they'll go back inside and process it while you wait and then they will return to your vehicle with your tax receipts," Kubashek explained. "You don't even need to come into the hall if you don't want."

She said there will be 'no parking' signs in front of the Legion Hall, as they're reserved for this purpose.

"So there'll be no issue with traffic. It's a little calmer in the afternoon when the school performers aren't there, because, we don't have the buses out front."

A third option for donating is to phone it in, and have it picked up at set times. 

"We have people go into your house and pick up your donation at 1:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m., and 8:00 p.m.," said Kubashek. "You just have to call in and state that you want the pick up option."

She said if anyone wants to make their donation with a live, on-air presentation, they can contact her to make arrangements in advance. 

Kubashek noted they're looking forward to this year's event, with a few new features added this year.

"So you need to come down and see all the wonderful performers that we have, our lineup is looking fantastic for this year. It's going to be nice. All the schools are so shocked with, 'oh my gosh, we can actually leave the school and perform'." 

The Weyburn Communithon supports many community organizations, the 10 Community Agencies for 2022 are: Big Brothers Big Sisters Weyburn, Canadian Mental Health Association, Community Low Income Centre, CNIB Foundation, Envision Counselling and Support Centre, Inclusion Weyburn, Spinal Cord Injury Saskatchewan, Southeast Advocates for Employment, Weyburn Care-a-Van, and Weyburn Youth Centre.

For any inquires please direct them to the Chair of the Communithon, Korryn Kubashek, either by email or by phone (306) 861-2519.