A house fire on 10th Avenue South last week is being investigated by the Weyburn Police Service. 

“It is deemed suspicious, so we will be investigating it as an arson,” stated Sgt. Shane St. John with the WPS. “That’s where the request goes out for information in the area around that time.” 

The fire happened in the early morning hours last Friday.  

Sgt. St. John explained that things such as doorbell cameras can help to provide valuable information, and the number of people with them is on the rise. The police are asking anyone with one of those cameras in the area where the fire was reported to check the footage recorded by their camera. 

In terms of the public’s help with investigations such as this one, Sgt. St. John added that it can be a valuable tool. 

“We want people to know that to keep the community safe, reporting things like this, especially with video now, is so important, and helps us so much in going ahead with the investigation,” he said. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Weyburn Police Service or Crime Stoppers.