Just over one month ago, the Weyburn Fire Department gained a fuzzy ambassador named Jessi. 

Jessi, who is blind in one eye, was adopted from the Weyburn Humane Society by Fire Chief Trent Lee.  

“Anytime one of the career guys is either out on vacation or if they call in sick for their shift the chief is usually quite happy to take her home with him,” said Career Firefighter Brydon Hnatiuk. “So even if he just feels like she's got to run around the backyard or at the dog park on the weekend, that kind of thing.” 

Hnatiuk said having Jessi around gives them an opportunity to break the day up with short walks. He added she is an easygoing dog.  

“You don't have to follow her around with watchful eyes. She’s not going to cause havoc around the office, which is a great thing.” 

For anyone curious about the life of Jessi the Fire Dog, she has an Instagram page which you can look at here.

“It's just kind of a minor opportunity for the town, anyone else who's interested to learn what happens at a fire hall or get a little bit of a behind the curtain look at what a station dog does during the day.” 

Hnatiuk said they have done some research into what kind of training would go into Jessi becoming a fully licensed service dog. 

“It is fairly extensive the qualifications for like a dog who's trained for PTSD or cop dogs that are like Beau with the Weyburn police. They're very well-trained dogs, so it may or may not get to that point, and it it's fine if she doesn’t.” 

He added even if she doesn’t get to that point, she is still really great to be around.