The Humane Society has definitely had a hard year and it's only April. So they take all the help they can get and this year we can have in-person bake sales again so that's exactly what's happening. 

We spoke with Beverly Paul and she's on the fundraiser committee for the Humane Society.

"This is one of our fundraisers that we try to do, two or three times a year have bake sales but this one is on the 14th which is prior to Easter so good timing for anyone looking for Easter baking. It's going to be held from ten o clock until two, or until we run out of baking."

They will be set up at Expressions a lady's wear store right downtown. 

All the money raised will be going straight back to the Humane Society 

"The shelter operates mostly on donations, they get a certain amount from the city every month but normally that isn't enough to cover all the expenses so we have to fundraise." 

You can also donate some baking to the cause as well.

"If they want to donate baking I'll be there at nine o'clock that morning we'll be setting up so if anybody wants to donate baking there will be somebody there between nine and ten to take it. We're not asking people to list ingredients or anything because our baking is all going to be five dollars, if they want to do it they can but it's not necessary."

Unless of course, there is peanut butter or nuts in something it's always nice to list those for those with peanut allergies.

There's also a raffle!

"We have a cake that's being donated from the Rolling Pin Bakery and we have some cupcakes two sets of six in a package from Domesticated Baker, She does an awesome job they're going to be Easter-themed. So the raffle tickets will be two dollars each and we're going to have three draws. We will do the draw at two o'clock after everything is over."

There will even be one of the local firefighters there to help out with things! Come on out on April 14th and get all your sweet treats for Easter and support a great cause your local Humane Society.