The Humane Society has had a rough year so far and things have kind of been up in the air. But the shelter is still open and you can totally visit it as well,

The Humane Society is open from one to seven every day and you can visit in between those times. Except for between 3:30 and 4:30 you cannot visit dogs between those times as that is when they are having supper. The only days they are closed are the stat holidays.

We reached out to the shelter manager Colleen Morrice about all their puppies,

"Currently we have seven puppies that are outside you can visit them between one and seven. And then in two weeks, we will have five more puppies and then a week after that we will have ten puppies that are all up for adoption. But currently, you can only see the seven puppies that are eight weeks old."

There are some rules to seeing the puppies though.

"We just don't want you coming in and just playing with puppies unless you're going to adopt. We don't want them to get sick, Parvo is of course one of our biggest concerns around the puppies. So if you're going to adopt we will get you to hand sanitize and put on a smock and visit the puppy that way but otherwise, you can just view them through the fence."

If you are looking to donate to a great cause the Humane Society is a good place to start right now they are needing a few things.

"Right now we need puppy food and bleach and laundry soap, we are doing lots and lots of laundry with all the puppies here so those are our highest needs right now."

The Humane Society also has a bake sale coming up on the 14th but we will have more on that later.