According to statistics from SGI, the month of July has the highest number of impaired driving collisions causing injury or death. 

"Nearly seven people a month lose their lives every July on average in Saskatchewan, and another 39 people are injured as a result of impaired driving," explained Tyler McMurchy, Manager of Media Relations with SGI. 

This is the reason why impaired driving is always the focus for the July Traffic Safety Spotlight for law enforcement.

Deputy Chief Brent VanDeSype with the Weyburn Police Service said whether it's by alcohol or drug, impaired driving is unfortunately always going to remain to be a focus.

"Whether it's the festive season around Christmas time, or it's the summer heat, it's definitely going to stay a focus." 

Other than serious injury or loss of life, the consequences for impaired driving include at least a three-day license suspension, a three-day vehicle impoundment, a requirement to take a weekend class, and four demerits. Additionally, depending on the degree of impairment, there could also be criminal charges. Furthermore, there is zero tolerance for all drivers when it comes to driving impaired by cannabis.

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