The summer season will be coming to a close soon, and this means it's time to get organized down at the lake.

Nickle Lake Regional Park has a few important dates coming up that not to be missed.

"On August 22 we started collecting seasonal deposits for the 2023 season. So basically all of our seasonal campers, if they want to renew their sites for another year,  must pay their deposits by September 14th," explained Office Supervisor Kylie Beck.

But that's not all for September 14th.

"It's also the last day to enter our seasonal site draw for 2023 and the last day for our current seasonals to submit their site transfer requests."

September 15th will be busy as well. 

"That's our wrap-up day the end of the season the bathrooms and facilities will close at 5:00 pm including the office."

September 30th is another important date for those who prefer to languish all September long at Nickle Lake.

"That's kind of when we will just have our seasonals left in the park and everyone has to have their sites cleaned up and campers removed by the 30th."

Beck added it was another great summer at the lake.