Laurie Norman with the Weyburn Independent Riders has been outside of Walmart for the past couple of days collecting toys for the Toy Run, taking place tomorrow. In fact, each year, motorcycle riders from around Weyburn gather together to collect as many toys as they can for the Weyburn Salvation Army.

"We're not really an organized club, per se, like with a president and everything," he noted. "We're just a bunch of guys that love to ride motorcycles."

He said the idea began in 1989 through other bikers in the U.S., "and we've just continued it on, so it's quite a while, and I mean, you can't ride your motorcycle in December, so we do it in September. We used to get like 30, 40 guys on motorcycles, so you got 30 or 40 toys. Well, about five years ago one of the guys said, 'let's do this'. So we've been coming here like Thursday and Friday, and we filled the sleigh yesterday, we pretty well filled it again today, and plus we're still going to get the 40 guys on motorcycles with toys. So that helps out pretty good."

Norman said he collected 105 toys Thursday, and close to 100 today.

"The people in Weyburn are generous," he commented. "They've been buying toys and just coming out here, and people I don't even know. And I love the part where the mother will come with a four-year-old and a six-year-old and each one of them will put a toy in the sleigh."

The bikers with sleigh in tow will meet in the parking lot at Legacy Park Elementary School at noon, to depart for their ride through Weyburn at 1:00 p.m. 

Hear Laurie's full audio below.