Avian influenza has been detected in Saskatchewan poultry flocks, the province confirmed on Monday.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency confirmed the virus was found in a small, backyard flock in the RM of Moose Mountain last Thursday, and in a commercial poultry flock in the RM of Loreburn on Saturday.

The province said poultry producers should follow biosecurity protocols to protect their birds, including keeping wild birds away from their flocks and their food and water supply, limiting visitors, and monitoring bird health. Small flock owners should also keep their birds inside if possible during the migration season, the province said.

Last week Saskatchewan's Chief Veterinary Officer instituted an animal health control area order that limits the mingling of poultry due to the influenza risk. The order will be in place until May 14.

The province said there is no risk to food safety, and that the risk of transmission of avian influenza to humans is low. However, people who work with poultry suspected of being infected should wear protective clothing, the province said.

Producers should call their local CFIA office if they suspect influenza in their birds.

The disease was also found in Alberta late last week.