There’s a new name for a local support group, Community in Action Facing Addiction. After receiving some public feedback, the group formerly known as Community in Action Against Addiction decided the new name was needed to give a more positive vibe to the group.

“Our group is open to both men and women of all ages, and we meet to share and listen. We just want to make sure you understand that there's no shame, no judgment. Just unconditional, caring, and love,” said Susan Adderley, a group member. 

The group was founded by a group of local women who have either lost someone to addiction or currently, has a loved one in addiction. 

The next meeting will feature guest speaker Denise Kennedy, who will share some of her personal journey as well as provide training on how to use the lifesaving Narcan and spray kits. 

The final meeting of the season will begin at 7 pm, Wednesday, May 17 at the Weyburn Public Library. Attending the meeting online is also available via Zoom. ID: 89631106311; Passcode: CIAAD23 

 For a free Narcan kit, you can call Denise Kennedy at (306)861-9800 or Janelle Kincaid at (306)891-9263.