'Come for the art, stay for the vibe'. That's the slogan behind Weyburn's CollabArtive Studios.

Co-owners Malia Brackpool and Krystal Glowatski are set to receive a portion of this year’s Art Farm Scholarship. The art lovers are excited to announce they will be using the scholarship to provide FREE art programming to the community.

For many residents, CollabArtive Studios is indeed about more than art. 

“We have been open for almost a year now, and something that has been brought to our attention over this year is just how many people that have come in, have come in for our vibe. Which I feel is a lot of like healing and just the place people don't really want to leave,” shared Brackpool. “Kinds of statements we've heard are, 'we don't want to leave, I just came in here today to relax and have some time to myself'.” 

Art in many mediums has long been used as an avenue to help boost mental health. 

“We just realized how much of a need it's been in our city for people, to just have that place where they can come and feel safe, and have that art therapy, that healing,” continued Brackpool. 

CollabArtive Studios is excited to announce, the scholarship funds will be used to expand the studio’s artistic reach by offering free art programming with a goal of reaching 100 adult women. 

“We're hoping that our programming will start in April or May. We're just working on some of the fine details, but we're really excited about this opportunity that we can provide for our community. We're just very grateful and very thankful that we've received these funds.” 

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