We’ve almost completed another year around the sun and because of wonderful community support The Family Place had a great 2022 and is looking forward to a new building with some new amenities in 2023. 

“Oh, we had a wonderful year at The Family Place. It's always exciting. Lots of families coming in, playing our programs, preschools, everything was full. Our building was hopping and bopping, so that's amazing as always. We had a wonderful Festival of Trees this year; $47,000 was fundraised. So that was a huge success. We had the Smile Cookie Campaign which was another amazing success this year from our community,” said Director, Dawn Gutzke. 

This past year Family Place was able to expand its programming and hire additional staff. 

“Something really exciting that happened this year is we had formed a partnership with Holy Family and created an Early Years Resource Expansion Project. We were able to hire an Early Childhood Educator and kind of amped up our programming and started doing some pop-up events here, and they were really successful so that was exciting. We held four or five different ones, and we're really looking forward to continuing that,” said Gutzke. 

Gutzke shared that while the current building has served the community well, the staff is buzzing with the excitement of the new building. 

“It's been a long time coming for The Family Place to have a new space, so it's like a dream come true for us.” 

Gutzke shared that the green space at the new location is very important to them because currently, they must bus the kids to enjoy the outdoors. The new location will allow them to go outside and enjoy their own private outdoor space. 

“To our entire community, from The Family Place, we want to wish you the happiest Holiday Season and a Happy New Year.”