It's National Fishing Week in Canada, and it's the free fishing weekend in Saskatchewan, one of two held throughout the year.

"It happens once in the winter, as well as in the summertime," said Sport Fishing Specialist with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment, Murray Koob. "Anyone in the province, whether resident or visitor, can fish without having to purchase an angling license, but all the other fishing regulations remain in effect, such as limits and and that sort of thing." 

He said this is offered to encourage people to get out and experience the sport of angling, but it only applies to provincial Crown land and does not apply to National parks.

Koob recommends finding details HERE before heading out to try the sport for yourself.

"One of the important things, if someone's not really familiar with fishing, if you have a family member, or a friend, or a neighbour who fishes, talk to them and get some advice, get some good local advice on where to go and look for an opportunity where you're going to possibly catch fish." 

He said certain species, such as Pike, are easier to catch compared to some other species, such as some of our stock trout. 

"So it's always better to start with something that's maybe a little easier to catch, as people can get bored pretty quick if you're not catching fish, so go to a local sporting goods store or tackle shop or anyone sells fishing equipment and then hopefully maybe someone can give you some advice in terms of what hooks may be working in local lakes, that sort of thing and you know, take it from there." 

Koob said if you're planning to take fish out of the province, you need to buy a license when you're traveling through neighboring jurisdictions, which helps in case you get stopped. 

Free Fishing Weekend began in the province in 1989 and is in its 34th year.