Many people in Weyburn might find it worrying when they constantly hear about inflation and the cost of living increasing.  

Adrian Miller, a Financial Advisor with Harbourfront Wealth Management said it’s okay to feel worried, but he doesn’t see any need to panic. 

“If anything, it should remind people to revisit their own day-to-day finances and see if money is spent in places that aren't necessary anymore,” said Miller. “Maybe in areas that could be scaled back, it's easy to get caught with a ton of monthly subscriptions or high-end entertainment packages that aren't always being used to their full potential.” 

He added that in the past 70 years, there have been several uncertain times when it comes to the economy, and this time shouldn’t be treated any differently.  

When it comes to affordability, he said that Saskatchewan and Weyburn itself are very affordable compared to other parts of the country.  

“The average household income in the province and in Weyburn are higher than the national average. While things like average home prices and gas prices are below the national average, affordability is also what consumers make of it and how they prioritize their cash flow. For example, you know two people could earn the same salary, but if one person needs to support multiple debt payments on top of a mortgage while the other does not, one might argue that the affordability for the second person could be a little easier.” 

Miller said the average person should look to invest their money.  

“The earlier they can start the better they will be. The value of a dollar is worth more today than it is tomorrow, and investing can help maintain or increase the value of those dollars into the future.” 

He added that calling a financial institution or a private investment firm and requesting an appointment with an experienced advisor is a great place to start.