From mechanical issues at the Weyburn Leisure Centre caused by flooding this spring, to the successful paperwork amendments for the new hospital, Weyburn City Councilor Ryan Janke said, even with its ups and downs, 2022 was a good year for Weyburn.

"This is the first year the [Weyburn Credit Union] Spark Centre has been going all year," he noted. "Really excited and so happy to see so many people out there. Other facilities as well, the pool's going all the time. They've kind of sorted out most of those issues, I think. Over at the rink, kids are playing hockey all the time."

"It was nice to take the masks off and get out and actually have our events," said Janke.

"The [Saskatchewan] Oil & Gas Show was back. The Premier was here. We had the leader of the official opposition from Ottawa here. Really excited and puts Weyburn on the map and brings a lot of people in one of our most important industries together for oil and gas."

Another highlight for Janke was seeing the future new hospital in Weyburn get its final checks and balances from the perspective of Weyburn City Council.

"The Official Community Plan was updated and that gets registered in Regina with the Provincial Government so that everything is now in order for construction to begin. It's really, really in the provincial government's hands at this point, the City of Weyburn has done everything they can and gotten all of our proverbial ducks in a row to get the new hospital built."

Janke said, "if there's one thing I really love about Weyburn, it's all the engagement we get in the community. I love hearing the feedback, good and bad. What the City is doing well, and what we can do better? Someone made a great point to me just the other day, had said, 'there is so much going on in this community that really without registering your kids in any extracurriculars or anything like that, you can be doing something every week, every weekend just with what's happening',"

"I hear a lot of jealousy from surrounding communities that it sounds like a great place to live in Weyburn with all the different things there is to do there. And you're absolutely right."