Jennifer Wilkinson, the board member for Sub-division 6, announced her resignation at the South East Cornerstone Public School Division’s regular board meeting. 

Her sub-division included schools in Ogema, Pangman, Yellow Grass, Radville, Gladmar, and Oungre. 

“I was acclaimed and was close to hitting two years within my term with another two years left,” Wilkinson said. “Unfortunately, with the time commitment that is required to be on the Board of Education, I just wasn't able to give justice and the time to that position that it deserved.” 

Wilkinson is the director of engineering for the City of Weyburn, and also has family commitments.  

“I think going into the position, I underestimated the time and commitment required for that job and it was a really tough decision for me to leave the board.”  

Wilkinson said she thinks very highly of the other board members, and the administration in the division. 

“They are truly fantastic people. They were amazing to work with, they were so helpful for a young person coming in.”   

Wilkinson said she is grateful for everything she learned while on the school board, especially as she has two children within the education system. She would even consider joining the board again later in life if she didn’t have as many time commitments.  

The resignation became effective immediately after the adjournment of the board meeting.  

A by-election will be required to fill the position, the details will be made at the October public meeting.  

Meanwhile, the campaign to fill the seat vacated by former trustee Melanie Sorensen is coming to a close, with three candidates looking to replace Sorensen including: Dana Pretzer, Megan Schick, and Cameron Weber.