The provincial government’s design for the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal that will be presented in Saskatchewan was released Thursday. The design was released after being approved by the Queen herself.  

The medal celebrates the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth coming to the throne.  

Featuring a crowned effigy of Queen Elizabeth II with her Canadian style and title on the front, and the Saskatchewan shield of arms on the back, the medal is suspended from an arrangement of blue, red and white ribbon, similar to the coronation and jubilee medals issued throughout the Queen’s reign. 

"As the Commonwealth celebrates Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee across the world over the next week, I am proud to unveil the design of the provincial Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal," Premier Scott Moe said. "This commemorative medal allows us to recognize the service of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II while also recognizing the service of Saskatchewan people who have made contributions to their communities." 

There are 7,000 medals that will be presented throughout the Jubilee Year, which ends on February 5th, 2023. The medal will be presented to recipients who have made contributions to Canada, Saskatchewan, or a particular region or community. 

Members of the Legislative Assembly will be provided a set number of medals for their constituencies. As well, the cities of the province, SUMA, SARM and New North have been invited to participate in the presentation of the medals.  

For medals that have been allocated to the City of Weyburn, the process is underway to work out the details for the nomination process. Once the process is finished, the details will be released.