Local country music sweetheart, Karissa Hoffart has dropped a new single called Whiskey Mood.  

Hoffart said this song is all about having a good time.  

“It's a really chill song. I haven't played this one at all yet, I actually will be debuting it this coming weekend,” said Hoffart. “I'll be playing at the Regina Rail Yard and that's going to be the first place, but at every concert, you can expect to hear this jam.”   

She co-wrote this song with Ottawa musician, Dan Petti. 

“I’m really excited because this is one of my first co-written songs with someone from outside of the province, so it’s really exciting to have someone from a different province’s perspective.”   

Hoffart will be performing at the Weyburn Golf Course on July 15, and at Nickle Lake in early September.  

“I love hanging out at Nickle Lake, and the concert last year was amazing, so I'm really hoping and wishing for another good one this year.” 

Hoffart plans to release a lyric video for her new song in the next few weeks. You can request to hear Whiskey Mood on AM1190.  

Nickle LakeKarissa Hoffart performed at Nickle Lake last year for Party in the Park - photo courtesy of Dallas Burnett