Country music singer-songwriter Karissa Hoffart has released a schedule of shows she's got booked for the summer, beginning next Friday night here in Weyburn.

Hoffart will be performing her 'Women of Rock Tribute' show during a street party event being held by the Weyburn Credit Union. Read more HERE.

"We did a Women of Rock Tribute show fundraiser for Gladmar Regional School back in February, and that kind of triggered more people to want to book us for the Women of Rocket Tribute," she explained. "Basically,  it's all the older classic rock songs sung by women, and we dressed up like the 80s and it's just a blast. We've been just doing that on top of my personal artist shows."

She said she has with her, "a pretty amazing crew," which includes Justin LaBrash, Parker Nabis, Carter Kent, Jacquie Walbaum, and Nick Strelic.

The next day, Hoffart will then be in Oungre for the Oungre Memorial Regional Park 60th Anniversary party.

"They have me performing an afternoon show at 3:00 p.m., so it's going to be a lot of fun there and they've got a lot of events going on all day," she shared. "Then I actually reached out to Ogema to help them fundraise for their grandstands, and for other various things that the community needs. I'm doing more of that trying to help the communities fundraise for things that they're needing."

"I really, really enjoy just helping the community and I can give back with my voice, so I'm just honored to do that." 

Also on the list are two private backyard shows, which Hoffart said picked up in popularity during COVID.

"It's basically like this mini music festival in their backyard," she noted. "It's a lot of fun just to go there, there's sometimes up to like 300 people in a backyard just having a good time."

She added that if anybody is interested in doing backyard concerts, they'd love to accommodate. In fact, such venues even allow for jam sessions sometimes with guests or hosts who also play.

Hoffart shared her favourite part about touring.

"To be honest, I love traveling across Canada, but Saskatchewan is my ultimate favourite place. The people are just so friendly, and I actually just recently went to Manitoba and BC, but ultimately, that community sense is all within Saskatchewan and that's why I love performing here."

Karissa will headline at the Bow Valley Jamboree in Oxbow on August 12th, and is also working on recording a brand new full-length album. 

"We'll kind of see how it goes. Hopefully some [singles] will come out in the summer, but probably the full length will come out later in the fall."