With warmer weather upon us, tick season is here once again. 

This can be a bother to both humans, and their pets.  

One of the main concerns associated with ticks is the risk of contracting Lyme disease, even though there isn't a significant risk in Saskatchewan. 

“We mostly just have true wood ticks or the American dog ticks so it's fairly low risk in Saskatchewan,” said Dr. Kendra Elliot, an associate Veterinarian at Prairie Animal Health Centre. “But tick ranges have been changing over the past years and have been expanding, and of course, if you're traveling outside of Saskatchewan, then there is a higher risk of that Lyme disease as well.” 

She said ticks can be active all year, but prefer a temperature above 4 degrees Celsius.  

“Spring and fall are going to be our busiest seasons when it comes to ticks.” 

When it comes to prevention, Elliot said that avoidance key. 

“Know when ticks are active, and where they like to be active. If you can keep clear paths or avoid those areas that’s perfect.” 

There are also veterinary approved tick control products pet owners can use, and a website to track what kind of ticks are in which areas.