With the fall season fast approaching, many parents will be encouraging their children to participate in some extracurricular activities. Families who are experiencing financial barriers can reach out to KidSport for financial assistance to help ensure their children can join in on the fun. 

Discover Weyburn reached out to Brenda Croft, Chairperson for KidSport – Weyburn Chapter to get the details on what exactly KidSport will assist with, and how parents can apply for funding. 

“KidSport sponsors registration for all entry-level sports, we do not sponsor travelling teams, club teams, or elite teams, it has to be at the introductory level, so all the minor sports that we have, parents can apply for,” explained Croft. 

Croft also shared that they would fund up to $500 per child per calendar year. Each calendar year runs from January 1 to December 31. 

Croft gave us more examples of what they can and cannot fund. 

“If somebody is from, let’s say, Yellow Grass, whose venue is going to be in Weyburn we will fund it, but we will not fund it if the venue is outside of Weyburn,” explained Croft. 

Croft also stressed the importance of filling out the forms correctly, otherwise, the application cannot be presented to the committee for funding. Croft emphasized having 2021 income tax information included with the form, as well as the contact information for the club or organization the child will be involved in. 

KidSport will cover registration fees, however, the organization does not cover costs for travelling or equipment. 

To apply for KidSport funding, you can go to their website here, applications can be submitted online, or a hard copy can be dropped off at Legacy Park Elementary School. For further questions, you can contact Brenda Croft at (306)861-0054 or you can email her at weyburnkidsport@gmail.com.