Weyburn Comprehensive School's Gracyn Knipfel was one of two students presented on Monday with a scholarship to the University of Saskatchewan. 

With her parents present, Gracyn was presented with a $24,000 scholarship by Student Recruitment Officer from the U of S, Ally Cherte. 

"That was really special," she commented. "It was a different way of learning it than just like a letter being sent to our house, having somebody actually come and give it to us and congratulate us."

She said her plan is to pursue an undergraduate degree in biomedical sciences at the U of S, possibly to go into medicine or pharmacy.

Qualifications for the scholarship include academics but also community involvement, and Gracyn is a Youth Member of the Board of Directors for the Family Place, serves on the SRC, and is also on the Weyburn Youth Council.

"Youth Council is just one of the best things I could have done throughout high school, it's really great experience and I've learned so much about Weyburn and how our municipal government works and I've gotten to meet with lots of interesting people like the Police Chief, and so many people who work for the City," she said. "It's just been a really great experience."

"I get a lot of joy out of being able to see that I've made a difference. I'd like to be able to look back after I leave Weyburn and think of good things that I did to help other people and make our community better." 

Dalton Molnar was the other recipient. Read more HERE.