The JAMS Family Christmas Dinner has sold out for Christmas day.

Organizer Sandy Spencer-Johnson said the pre-registration has resulted in a full house at Knox Hall for their annual event.

"We're actually sad and glad to say that we're actually fully booked, and will not be able to take any walk-ins this year, unfortunately," she commented.

There was only one other year she said they did experience this issue, but it's not a bad one to have. In fact, they'll see the entire original JAMS family come out for the first time in years.

"We're all excited and all of our family's going to be there this year, my oldest is going to be there, too. So it's going to be even more fun."

Spencer-Johnson added if anyone who is already pre-registered can't get to the Knox Hall due to their car not starting, they can call for a ride.

"If anybody can't get their car started, please give us a call. Preferably would have you drive yourself, but if you definitely need a ride we will be there for you. Just call the Knox Hall and somebody will pick up and make arrangements with you."