Public opinion on the City of Weyburn's budget process has never been more forthcoming than it was in 2022.

Weyburn City Councilor Laura Morrissette said she is really proud of Weyburn residents.

"They've come through. We tried a new sort of, 'method to our madness' for getting through the budget process, and really opening it up and asking for public opinion," she explained. "I know that it's something that hasn't been done quite in a formal way before. We've always been open to everybody's input and thoughts, but this way, people could actually write in and give their opinion as we were going through the budget process."

"I've been on council for two years now and their goal has always been getting it closer to that January or even December 31st deadline, and I think it's important because a lot of the City administration can't start planning until they know that their budget has been approved for the next year and they want to start tenders out, and really getting the best price they possibly can on the work that they're getting done for the quality of work that they're looking for, for an project or thing that they need for their department." 

The hottest-button topic for the public was most certainly the proposed tax increase of 10.34 percent.

"You know what? It was a lot for any taxpayer," she noted. "As councilors, we face any of those tax hikes as well on our home. So we obviously didn't want to pay the 10.34 percent, we just wanted to show people that hey, we have a starting point and this is where we're going to go. What do you want us to cut and where do you think the most important project lies that we need to move forward with in 2023."

Another highlight for Morrissette this year was the passing of Weyburn's new Bee-keeping bylaw.