May 9th to 13th this year will be Wey Clean Week here in Weyburn, and the City is encouraging the whole community to participate in helping clean up the boulevards, streets, alleys and yards.

"It gives options for people to get onto the community, but also have safe practices, so that if you want to do it with your family, or you want to do it as a big group or an organization, you can definitely do that," shared Jennifer Wilkinson, Engineering Director for the City of Weyburn. 

She said the suggested clean-up days are based on the refuse collection zones.

"On the 9th we're actually going to have our own City crews out cleaning up and going around the city and doing more city-focused areas, tet areas around that we would own, and then May 10th is Area 1, May 11th is Area 2, and then May 12th is Area 3, 4, 5, and May 13th will be the downtown to focus on," she noted. "Not saying you can't go out on any day you like, but those will kind of be the areas that we've kind of designated per day." 

Roll-off bins will be provided, so you don't have to put the garbage into your own bin. 

"We do put roll-off bins in locations where you can actually dispose of this garbage, so it's not going into your own personal garbage can. You can actually collect and put into these roll up bins, because they're slightly larger for larger materials. So that is part of it is that we do have our public garbage cans in all the City-owned parks, but also we're going to put these roll off bins out."

Wilkinson said the maps they'll release prior to Wey Clean Week will reveal the locations of the roll-off bins. 

The City will also be providing gloves and bags to those who make a request to the City's Engineering Department.

"If you're an individual or an organization or a business, and you want to confirm your participation, we will actually put packages together for you at City Hall, so we will provide you with garbage bags and plastic gloves, if you give us an idea of the amount of people and you can call the engineering department at 306-848-3221, or you can email Kristine Paul ( to sign up, and you let her know when you can pick it up, she'll have your package ready."

She said they're encouraging everyone to get outside and help out with the clean up this year.

"Go for a walk around your neighborhood, and just pick up a little garbage, because we know kind of takes that community field to do that," Wilkinson said. "This is strictly a participation thing. We've even done some little fun this year. There's a bingo card on the City website, and if you want to submit a picture of you doing your bingo card and a picture of you and your family cleaning up or your organization, and we know we had such success last year that we have no doubt in the residents and it's just kind of these simple actions that you know show pride in the community and just make it a much safer and more attractive place."

She said they're also encouraging participants to tag the City of Weyburn on social media, including the hashtag #weycleanweek

"With those photos and stories, we can actually enter you into some Wey-Clean Week prizes for that effort."

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