Weyburn’s own Bernadette Mullen has won Best Performance at this year’s Saskatchewan Independence Film Awards.  

“I just feel really grateful I'm just so honored to be able to be a part of the Saskatchewan film community. I love film, I loved working with the filmmakers.”   

She was nominated for her performance in the short film Far From Me, created by Myriad Entertainment. 

“This was a great role. It's a short film and the challenge with a short film is making sure that that character arc is there, and this had a strong character arc, so the writing was solid for this film, so that really helped me out.” 

Mullen is grateful for everyone involved in this film. 

“Just because my name is on the award doesn't mean I got there by myself.  There really is a whole crew of people that helped me get to this point, so I'm just really thankful.”  

This year’s Saskatchewan Independence Film Awards took place virtually on Saturday evening.