The cookies you can find just down the road on Highway 39 in Yellow Grass are a work of art, you can indulge in! 

The Carousel Cookie Co origin story is a neat one, Heather and Doug Symenuk were new to the town of Yellow Grass and decided to put a table in a local trade fair so they could meet new people and become involved in the community. They made 350 cookies and sold out in a few minutes at the Trade Fair and from that moment on, the rest is history.  

Today, Heather and Doug Symenuk are making their TV debut in I Got This with AMI on I Got This. “Out of the blue, a studio in Saskatoon heard about us and contacted us to do a TV show,” says Heather.  

The Carousel Cookie Co has had some ups and downs over the years, Heather explains, “We have some health issues for sure and the TV show explains it a little bit. And as we have had obstacles come in our way, we have always tried to be creative problem solvers, so we have been working over the years and fine-tuning what we can do.  I can do cookies in a wheelchair and Doug has had some issues with his hip that hasn’t healed, as our health declines, the more that those kinds of things got in our way the more determined we were to overcome them. We kind of got here because of necessity.” 

To watch their story of resilience and optimism, find their season of “I Got This” on AMI here. The amazing and tasty works of art can be found online here.