Taking the chance to tell the story of what agriculture is like in Saskatchewan, to the world.  

Jake Leguee farms in the Fillmore area. This week, he is hosting the Twitter account Farmers No Borders, which is run by the Global Farmer Network, a worldwide advocacy group. This will be the third time Leguee has been the host of the account. 

The twitter account, each week, features a farmer from a different country, where they utilize the social media platform to showcase their farming operations, as well as share agricultural news from their own country.  

“It’s amazing how much you find that farmers around the world really do share similar challenges, whatever country they’re from,” Leguee said, talking about what he has gleaned from the Twitter account over the years, as well as his membership in the Global Farmer Network. 

Leguee has been part of the Global Farmer Network since 2017, after attending the Global Farmer Roundtable in Des Moines, Iowa. The Network discusses the challenges seen by farmers around the world – environmental, regulatory, finding labour, equipment costs and more.  

As the host of the account, for the next week, Leguee will be aiming to show what happens here in Saskatchewan versus the rest of the world. While there are similar practices, there is one big difference farmers in the rest of the world will quickly see. 

“One thing that is very different here versus a lot of other areas, especially the developing world and Europe, is the size of our farm,” Leguee pointed out. “A 10,000-acre farm is absolutely massive to somebody from Denmark or Nigeria, so they're interested to see what that looks like.” 

Over his time with the Global Farmer Network, one of the challenges Leguee has noted all farmers seem to encounter is the education of the general public. 

“Even in places where food security is a real problem, in terms of various countries in Africa, they have the same challenges in trying to convince consumers that the products we are using are safe,” Leguee stated. “We need them to be sustainable, and look after the environment and produce healthy food. tHose are challenges everywhere, and trying to ensure that regulations that are put in place are fair and reasonable is a huge challenge as well.” 

Over the rest of the week, Leguee will be tweeting not only from his own Twitter account but from the Farmers No Borders Twitter account as well. At the end of the week, the Twitter account will then pass on to a farmer in another country, who will then tell their story via the social media platform.