It was recently announced that the Liberal government reached a deal with the NDP to stay in power until 2025.  

This move has been called a power grab by many Conservative MPs, including Souris-Moose Mountain MP Dr. Robert Kitchen.  

“It's a callous action to create this NDP Liberal coalition and, setting it up through a backroom deal you know, and ultimately what it's going to mean is higher taxes, more debt, and less accountability for radical ideas, and that's a big concern.” 

The deal means that the Liberals will continue to govern as a minority government, but with the NDP supporting them in confidence votes. In exchange, the Liberals will support the NDP on several of the party’s key priorities.  

“It's obviously concerning for me, and obviously for my constituents it will be a huge concern because nobody voted for an NDP government and we have a government now that is leaning farther left because of the Prime minister's desire for power as opposed to democracy,” said Kitchen. “It's an NDP Prime Minister at this point in time, really that we're looking at.” 

One of Kitchen’s main concerns about this deal is the risk of increased inflation. 

“Housing markets and prices across this country have doubled under this present government, and the gas prices are in many parts of the country are two liters plus," he said. “We put forward a motion yesterday and proposed a simple solution to try and assist Canadians at this point in time, and to leave some money in their pockets for hardworking Canadians by pausing the GST on fuel. Unfortunately, the NDP and the Liberal government voted against it.” 

The Liberals currently have 159 of the 338 seats in the House of Commons, while the NDP has 25.