Big funding went out to two non-profit organizations in Weyburn just before Christmas from Kingston Midstream through the Richardson Foundation.

Warmth was spread on a cold day, December 23rd, to the Wheatland Senior Centre, presented with $25,000, and the Family Place was presented with $60,000 at their future location on McLelland Street.

"We were really excited to be able to provide the Wheatland Senior Centre with the donation to rebuild their outdoor deck so that their members can once again be able to enjoy the outdoor lunches, barbecues, activities or just visiting outside," said Deana Bachorcik, the Public Awareness and Community Investment Coordinator for Kingston Midstream.

"As well as we're delighted to present the donation to the Family Place to assist in their facility expansion, which will allow them to continue to provide excellent programming and support for families in the Weyburn and surrounding area." 

She said while Kingston Midstream no offices in Weyburn, they have one in Estevan, and employees stationed throughout the southeast.

"Community investment is a priority for Kingston Midstream, and we're happy to give back to the nonprofit organizations and charities and communities where we work and do business," she noted. "We are happy to receive applications from various groups looking for funding."

In fact, three times a year, the Richardson Foundation presents funds to local non-profit organizations that have requested funding in their areas. 

"We do have a local committee that meets and reviews all of the applications that we receive," explained. "Three times a year, there's donations given out through Richardson Foundation. So we look through and just kind of depends how many applications we receive, how great the need is, 

"The Richardson Foundation doesn't completely fund a project," added Bachorcik. "They like to assist with a project, so how much other fundraising they've done or where they're at on their project, how close they are to their goal."

She said other donations have been presented in the area, such as $6,000 to the Alameda Minor Hockey, the remaining amount they need to get some much-needed cross ice boards, or the $38,000 to the Lampman Pool for a piping upgrade.

Find out more about their Community Investment HERE.

Kingston Midstream also has a fund-in-kind donation to non-profits not eligible for the Richardson Foundation donations, for which letter of application can be submitted directly to