Tenille Arts is one of the big names on the ticket for the Weyburn Young Fellows Centennial Concert being held June 30th at Jubilee Park.

"I'm beyond excited," shared one of the opening performers, Brayden King. "It's pretty ironic that Tenille was actually at the first show that I ever played as a solo artist, when I was like 11 or 12. I remember her being there, which is just so crazy."

Dan Cugnet is also taking the stage prior to Weyburn's own country music sweetheart.

"Tenille is our local superstar, right? She's playing the Grand Ole Opry, and it's just astounding what she's accomplished already, and I think what she's going to accomplish is amazing," shared Cugnet. "So to be able to play a little part in all of that, I just feel really lucky to be able to get up there and maybe do five or six songs and just to be part of that day. So really exciting." 

Cugnet said he's also a fan of Brayden King and Hunter Brothers. 

"The Saskatchewan talent, the Weyburn talent. What Brayden's doing, I mean, he's playing constantly and gigging, which is terrific, and bringing such energy to everything that he's doing. And Hunter brothers are just an amazing group. You know, they're a farm family, and what they've done is incredible." 

Brayden King will be bringing his band back to Weyburn from his home in Edmonton, but he has had a lot of time to plan for the trek thanks to the event announcement being embargoed for many weeks this spring.

"I had to sit on that information for so long without having without being able to tell anybody and I was about to burst," he commented. "Like how do you hold a secret like that? It's just so so difficult because it's the biggest show of my life. So yeah, I'm so excited for this concert. It's going to be an amazing night of live music. I sure hope the entire community comes out to support, because it's just going to be so much fun." 

Cugnet said the Weyburn Young Fellows are bringing it, as usual.

"They're such an incredible group for us to have here, for our community. I'm incredibly thrilled to be a part of something that I think such a neat thing for Weyburn," he noted. "The history of such a great organization, when you think they've been doing good and positive things in the community for 100 years. I've had a lot of friends that have been part of theYoung Fellows for many, many years and I just think it's a terrific way to celebrate."

Tickets are selling fast. Read more HERE.