Local photographer, Dallas Burnett, has created a portfolio of photographs taken with a specific eye for the alphabet, with each of the letters being found at many of Weyburn's iconic locations.

He said it all began when he tried to find the seven letters to spell out 'Weyburn'.

"So I found letters to make Weyburn, and then started finding more and more letters, and eventually got the alphabet and then eventually got like two of every letter, so then I can make signs of pretty much any word you can think of, I guess," he shared. 

Burnett said he notices the letters now wherever he goes.

"It's just like anything, when you're paying attention, you start to see all the little things. I've been just keeping an eye on all the historic buildings in town, so like the water tower, the old Fire Hall, the Courthouse," he noted. "Obviously, I got the 'S' off the Soo Theatre because it's going to be gone soon. Something out at Souris Valley, all the schools, some from Haig, Souris, and Queen Elizabeth. So  just trying to keep it uniquely Weyburn."

soo theatre s

"I thought it was just a cool way to show and kind of compile all the Weyburn sites and things that remind you of home," Burnett shared. "It isn't obvious, but once you see it and know where it's from, it reminds you of home. Another way to see Weyburn, and with the drone, it kind of gives me a unique perspective of a lot of things in town that a lot of people don't see. And this is just another way of showing that."

Naturally, locals have been getting Weyburn Alphabet Christmas gifts of family names, 

"They're usually like a four by six photo and then I can make from three to eight letters in a frame so as long as your last name is less than eight letters, it works out pretty good, but aything longer than that, makes it a little complicated." 

Find Dallas Burnett's Photo Captures on Facebook HERE.