Some may be wondering what's going on over at the SaskPower substation on Railway Avenue, with the addition of some trailer accommodations on site.

"We actually have three crews mobilized to the site there, which is a substation, which is an important part of our electrical grid," explained Joel Cherry, a Spokesperson with SaskPower. "The work they're doing is routine maintenance so that they're testing some protective devices on the transformers, and that's to help make sure it can operate safely and extend the life of the facility."

He said they are also changing the oil out in the transformers. 

"So this work started [Monday], they mobilized to site and should be done by the end of next week. So we have a couple of crews there because there's the apparatus crew, that works on the apparatus there, and there's also distribution, a crew that deals with the electrical side of things." 

"This is part of our regular work that we do throughout the province," he noted. "I think there's just the one substation that's happening in labor in this year."

SaskPower Substation